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I grew up wealthy and was given everything my parents wanted me to have. After years of being molded into the perfect daughter, I played a role. I was only what they wanted me to be. My parents controlled everything. My life, my friends, my career, and even the man I was supposed to marry. When I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself, the person looking back was a total stranger. Leaving my fiancé at the altar on my wedding day was the start of a journey I embarked on in search of the person that I truly was. I would disappear, vanish, and start a new life where, little by little, I would unmold the person everybody thought I was. I would live in a man-free zone for as long as my journey took me. NO EXCEPTIONS. Until I met a man with dark hair, a business suit, smoldering eyes, and a face like a god—Drew Westbrook.


I had everything I wanted in life. Money, looks, success, and beautiful women by my side at all times. Some of these women stayed around for a while and some left quickly. I was all for a relationship as long as she wasn’t looking for a ring or wanting to hear the words “I do.” I liked the way I lived my life and I was content. Plenty of friends, loving parents, and a successful billion-dollar company were all I needed to feel complete. NO EXCEPTIONS. Until the day a brown-haired, blue-eyed beauty sat down next to me on an airplane and, suddenly, everything that mattered to me didn’t seem to matter anymore. She captivated me and I wanted her. All of her. But her journey didn’t include me and I was left feeling something I’d never felt before: incomplete.

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